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Do Kraja Sveta

Wine cellar ‘’Do Kraja Sveta’’ was founded in January, 2006. in time of Renaissance in wine culture in Serbia, for growing local audience , to make available a high quality and carefully grown wine. The identity of this cellar is a combination of an honest attitude towards the master spirit of the ancient arts of grape processing and cutting-edge technology in the wine world. Although aware of the fact that today wine is a cult, and status, and that today's lifestyle with its speed does not match the subtle enjoying of the nectar of the gods that takes time, we decided to provide you with strong and durable. By careful monitoring of cultivation, harvesting, processing, aging in barrique to the gradual maturation of four premium wine grape varieties reared in the vicinity of Leskovac, Vranje and on the slopes of Fruška gora, the resulting in a ideal structure of components that we carefully combine for you.'' In the most of tambura places and restaurants that we recommend, you can try '' New Moon'','' Chance'','' Rose'' and other wines from this cellar.. © ©

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