Wine and tambura

From the beginning of time people say that music is food for the soul, a for wine that it relaxes, inspires honesty, because people are released of masks, and with this divine drop become what they actually are, hence the saying "in vino veritas, "in wine there is truth. How did it come to this magical mix is a needless question, certainly not without reason ,this blend of wine and tambura music was described in many,more than famous songs of various artists. One without the other does not go, their were bledning for centuries, and have somehow secretly and furtively, "blended" on our website. On this page we will try to introduce wines that are best mixed with the sounds of tambura music. © ©

" When I hear the tambourines,
I jump on a barrel, order a liter or two,
and drink until dawn "
Folk song

"Here I am again, in the old inn,
Gypsies come to my table,
only with wine and your tambourines,
my soul has less pain "
Toma Zdravković – Play Gypsies