Radio Tamburica

Salaš 137

In a very quiet part of Backa – Čenej you can find a very magical place, "Salas 137", only ten kilometers from the center of Novi Sad, Serbia. Here, in the realm of silence, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy our rich variety of dishes from Vojvodina and after that, rest in one of our authentic rooms in the "Deutsche Alt" style. Carriage rides in summer and sleds in winter, fields for sports, hunting, shooting bow and arrow are just some of the opportunities for enjoyment that are expecting you here. Everything is as in the old days, authentic, timeless idile with the spirit of the Vojvodina plains. Here you will see a different way of life, quieter, more relaxed pace, and the whole atmosphere will take you back in time of old Vojvodinian hedonism, on village cobbles, under a walnut trees ..  Since four winters ago, we also placed our magical restourant on the sunny peaks of Kopaonik. Where you can enjoy traditional cuisine: local soup with noodles and dumplings, baked knuckle, turkey with pastry, rindflajšu, stuffed zucchini, mangulica specilas and other, followed by our famous deserts like poppy seeds studle and nuts, Duke Koh, Šne dumplings .. After dinner, you will be amazed by Tom's tambura orchesta, every day except Sunday and Monday from 8 pm. People say that they sound exactly as they should. ©©

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