Radio Tamburica

Još ovu noć

This cellar-typed restourant is situated in the old part of Novi Sad in the street that divides the city into Salajka and Podbara. Around us there are still single-storey houses and everything looks like it's from the old days ,which we remember with a smile. Cellar interior with a''Prussian'' arch , magically resemble the cellars,from the old days, with tambura music, raub, shnaps and good wine ,where people sat and talked until dawn. We have no windows, so that it is entirely irrelevant whether it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon ,or in the morning. We have a wall clock and he goes backwards. If you ask for the time, the waiter will politely reply,''It's exactly how much it should be .'With bread and lard, cold appetizers and barbecue, you will be served with wine from Karlovci ,proven to go best with tambura music. Of course not missing any liquor, beer and if needed, some juice will be found. ©©

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