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Srce Srema

Tambura band ‘’Heart od Srem’’ emerged as a cooperation spontaneously 2008 in Ruma,Serbia. Soon the cooperation extended and to the present day ‘’Heart od Srem’’is playing at various events. The bans cosists of people of different generations, so the repertoire is very rich and varied, ranging from entertainment to the well-known folk melodies, and pop tambura music.We are proud that we have realeased two original songs that you can listen to,on our YouTube channel.

Goran Cerovac - Accordion
Nikola Zličić - ''A'' bass-prim (Brač "A")
Jovan Zličić - ''E'' bass-prim (Brač "E")
Pera Popović - Contra – Kontra (Bugarija)
Oliver Krompić - Bass (Berde, Begeš)

Contact: 060/74-55-691 Oliver

Srce Srema - YouTube
Srce Srema - Facebook

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