Radio Tamburica


Serenade string orchestra from Novi Sad was established in 2013. Long-term mutual cooperation of all members resulted in the founding of tambura orchestra Serenade. Given the fact that all the band members are experienced tambura musicians, the idea is to foster Orchestra traditional tambura music, and other genres in which tambura can be displayed in the best way. So far, all of the band members are prominent soloists and have worked closely with various ensembles, participated in numerous festivals, events and concerts in which we cherish music, and thus have gained considerable experience.
The permanent members are:

Tomaš Starović - prim Branislav Tubić - basprim Branko Sentivanac - basprim Željko Danković - contra Vladimir Slankamenac - bass

Serenada - Facebook
+381 63 8192 511 - Branislav

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