Radio Tamburica


It is not easy to determine since when we exist. We have known and played with each other for a really long time, and are all from Novi Sad, Serbia. Our instruments are older than us, and our music even more.It's even more difficult to remember who played, sang and assisted in ,,Romansa'' during past years. They are all still here, some have moved to take a break, some were taken by the music to who knows where, and some only prefer to listen. Today, standing behind our tambura-s are Danilo Ninković, Dejan Radović, Nikola Maletić, Gordon Stopar, Tibor Sabo i Nikola Popović. The hardest thing of all is to count to whom, where and how many times ,,Romansa'' played, perfecting the skill of fun, and reciving many honors along the way. We gained a full load of applauses, plaques, statues, charters , letters of thanks, praises , kisses and of course, money. The biggest prize are still the people who are members of ,,Romansa'' today and give breath for a new, brighter, happier and longe lasting future.

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