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Pera & Pera

Group Pera & Pera was founded by Perica Stefanovic (guitar and vocals) and Peter Stojkov (bass-prim and vocals) in 1992. in Sydney, Australia. Before coming to Australia Perica Stefanovic was a guitarist and singer of "Ladybugs" from Leskovac. He has performed at festivals, hotels, collaborated with many famous musicians. Peter Stojakov played tambura with many ensembles in Sombor and Novi Sad. "We met in Australia. We played at a number of festivals in Australia, in many concert halls, clubs, restaurants, private houses. We played concerts, parties, baptisms, weddings, funerals, birthdays and other celebrations. We perform as a duo in the extended part with accordion, drums, piano. We perform music from the region of Vojvodina, Balkan, Gypsy music, and popular music from around the world, including classical and original music.
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Tel +61 296367076

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