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Mladi dukati

Tambura band Mladi dukati come from Štitar, Croatia. They started back in tamburica music  section in elementary school, mentored by Josip Ficij. Whenever and wherever they appear they grab the audience's attention and believe that slowly but surely they are finding a place for themselves  in the world of tambura music. They are aware that this is not easy, so they are working hard to perfect their work.Today, they have 15 years of gigs and performances behind them. Their love for tambura devotes them to be more ambitious and spend every free  moment on instrument's.

Today's cast is comprised of:
Mario Živković lead vocals and ''A'' bass-prim (Brač "A")
Dejan Tomšić - ''E'' bass-prim (Brač "E")
Zvonimir Gašparović - Contra – Kontra (Bugarija)
Dario Tomšić - Prim (Bisernica)
Mario Tomšić - Bass (Berde, Begeš)

To occupy a strong position under the tambura sky, they plan to record their own album.

Mladi dukati - YouTube
Mladi dukati - Facebook


tel: +385 98 573 537 (Mario Tomšić)


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