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"Mejaši" have existed since October 2005. Since then their mission is to entertain all people of good will. We play at various clubs, private parties, receptions, birthday parties and wedding ceremonies. "Mejaši" make the following members:

                                                                  Leon Vukovic, Prim (Bisernica) - back vocal
                                                                  Janko Zelic-Friscic, ''A'' bass-prim (Brač "A") - back vocal
                                                                  Nikola Bosilj, ''E'' bass-prim (Brač "E") - back vocal - leader of the band
                                                                  Edo Drakulic, Contra – Kontra (Bugarija) - lead vocal - frontman
                                                                  Marin Sestak, Bass (Berde, Begeš) - back vocal - "Finance Minister"
                                                                  Emil Skomrak - drums

In each band member has a role for which he is responsible ant takes it with a great degree of professionalism, so Leon sin charge of arrangements and our songs and our sound engineer at the same time, playing Janko is playing ''A'' bass-prim (Brač "A") beautifully sings tambura romance songs , Nicholas for leading the band, the band's marketing and public relations and media and to agree gigs, Edo was the lead singer of the band and thus the band's frontman, Marin was in charge of the financial section, and for the purchase and renovation and consumables ("sugar") Emil at the end, he plays drums and break, and since he is the oldest of us, with him we look more serious . The band successfully operates in this form for about 8 months and we hope that it will remain so permanently. :-)

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tel: +385 99 400 67 68

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