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Kao Nekad

‘’Kao Nekad’’is a band that can’t boast some sort of anniversary or birthday. This is a group that began to gain a lot of experience before we started playing togeather. In fact we are friends since school desks. Seriously we started making music under the guidance of Mr. Emil Strasser. We toured half the world with our songs (Germany, England, Portugal, the USA, Sweden .... and many others). We are :

Mijo Grgić - ''E'' bass-prim (Brač "E")
Filip Ščrbak - ''A'' bass-prim (Brač "A")
Matija Renić - Prim (Bisernica)
Rene Mihalj - Prim (Bisernica)
Luka Opuvačić - Cello – Čelo
Ivan Vugdelija - Contra – Kontra (Bugarija)
Tomislav Čleković – Bass (Berde, Begeš)

Kao Nekad - Facebook

Tel: +385-99-1917-125......Luka


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