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Tambura band Bisernica, this year celebrates its 9 years of hard work and action. The band comes from Pozega,Craotia and gathers five friends, lovers of tambura and tambura music whos work and shows that tambura music is not limited to old tambura songs,and that, rock & roll, Dalmatian songs, and works of world famous composers such as Mozzart, Bach can also be performed on these beautifull intreuments. Today's band members are:

Leonardo Matijević - ''A'' bass-prim (Brač "A")
Josip Marjanović - ''E'' bass-prim (Brač "E")
Dario Kesić Contra – Kontra (Bugarija)
Tomislav Štefanek - Prim (Bisernica)
Josip Pečić - Bass (Berde, Begeš)

kontakti: Leonardo 098 181 1718 | Tomislav 099 213 42 83

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